Welcome to AptVoip


With AptVoip you can call your friends and family worldwide at really low rates. The latest technologies are used to provide people all over the world with high quality voice communication.

How to start saving with AptVoip. It’s easy:


Register an account on our website here


After receiving the confirmation email, please, download the VoipSoftClient here and install it on your PC (follow simple instructions)


Buy credit, as described here and

start calling!

You can make call both from your PC to regular or mobile phones and from your regular or mobile phone using a local access number*).

* Local access numbers are available for the following countries: Australia, Austria, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Puerto Riko, El Salvador, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, Finland, France, Croatia, Chile, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia and Japan. The list of the local access numbers you can also see after registering on our website and loging in here